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COVID-19 Awareness Dashboard


As we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, how you prepare for and treat employees and customers will have profound implications for your brand going forward. All businesses are, of course, anxious to return to a stable normalcy, even if it is profoundly altered. However, a rush to prematurely ramp up operations before either external conditions or internal processes are prepared would be a mistake.

Establish adaptive culture, leadership, and tools: This crisis has proven the singular importance of execution and adaptability in the face of rapid change. Those companies that responded to this crisis by quickly establishing health and safety protocols to protect their workers and customers, that shifted suppliers when established chains broke down, and that successfully found new routes to market and engagement with customers are best positioned to emerge from this crisis.

Proactively prepare for an altered future: The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically accelerated disruptive trends that were coming at a fast but manageable pace. Virtualization, automation, digitization, cybersecurity, among others, have all jumped forward. The crisis may have decelerated some trends, as well, like the sharing economy and fully autonomous vehicles.